IT’S THAT time of year, your Manager has come up with a ‘brilliant’ idea to host Secret Santa with your colleagues.

But when you pull out Karen from Finance your enthusiasm soon disappears as you realise you have go buy another cat calendar.

However, this December, instead of the usual Secret Santa dynamic why not liven up the game with some of our ideas…

This version alludes to the identity of the gifter. Give a humorous personalised gift, for example a mouse mat with a printed inside joke or a snow globe with a picture of your chihuahua inside.

Instead of spending £5 on a X-rated bottle opener, why not make it so you all donate to a charity in each other’s names? Choose an organisation they would like, pay the money and pop a message in a nice card.

If you have a million and one items that are laying around the house which nobody never uses then bring it in! The aim is to have a good laugh while everyone unwraps ‘treasures.’

Instead of spending £5 on a notepad Chris in IT will never use, why not buy something everyone will like – FOOD! Whether it’s donuts from Greggs or a prawn ring from Iceland, everyone appreciates free food!

Theme It Up
Chose a generic theme which all the gifts must revolve around. For example, if you work in a theatre it could be west end musicals or if you work at a medical centre you could get the head GP an operation set.