THE NEW year is always a good point to evaluate, plan to improve and hit those targets.

Check out our work resolutions and how best to reach your goals…

Keep a Journal
At the start of each day spend five minutes visualising what your day is going to look like and get it onto a piece of paper. At the end of your day reflect back, tick off what you have done and evaluate any targets that went amiss. This will help you stay mentally organised.

Start proactively reaching out to people in your network and strengthen old connections – doing this puts you in a good position if you need help later on in the year. Rather then throwing out any old LinkedIn requests it’s key to build relationships and touch base often.

Personal Branding
Build your personal brand and get your name out there. Talk about all your amazing achievements to ensure everyone else does. When a big new project comes up that’s right up your street you want your name to be at the forefront.

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