STARTING A new job can be daunting and it would be great if we would all skip to the part where we have great relationships with our colleagues.

This however does require confidence and sometimes it’s hard to build that up. But we’re here with top tips on how to overcome shyness when starting a new role…

Find Common Ground
When starting a new role the last thing you want is all the focus to be on you so turn it around and put the focus on your colleagues by finding a common ground. Once you find out you have something in common to talk about, whether it’s “I’m A Celeb” or tennis, this will make them much more approachable.

After Work Activities
Okay, due to lockdown you can’t jump on a raft at a white-water course but once restrictions are lifted ask if you can take part in a team-building exercise. A fun activity is the perfect way to break the ice and by seeing your colleagues out of the workplace they will seem a lot less intimidating.

Give It Time
Remember it is completely normal to feel shy in a new job and it will take time to settle in and feel comfortable around your colleagues. But don’t forget you’re the one who landed the role and instead of wasting time feeling afraid let your personality, skills and qualities shine through!