WHETHER YOU want to inject a bit of Halloween fun into the office or you’re being forced to dress up by Head Office, check out our top HR-approved costumes for Halloween…

Mime Artist
Simply take your favourite pair of black skinnies and a Brenton top and you’re halfway there. Add a few accessories including a necktie, a beret and a pair of suspenders and you’ll soon have that authentic Parisian look. Plus, with this outfit you can get away with not talking to anybody all day as you want to stay true to your character!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Channel your inner Hollywood starlet and dress up as Audrey Hepburn’s iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s character Holly Golightly. Wear your go-to LBD and team with long black gloves, statement sunnies and a jewel hair accessory. Complete the look by staring longingly at a pair of pearl earrings in the window of Warren James.

Wednesday Addams
If you’re a bit of a goth then you’re sure to already have this look in your wardrobe. Pick up a black fit and flair dress and add a white Peter Pan collar. All that’s left is to put your hair in braids and slick on some dark lippie. If you work in a small team why not try to persuade them to come as the rest of the Addams family?

Jim Halpert
If all else fails, take inspiration from Jim Halpert of the US-version of The Office. Past costumes include three-hole punch Jim (simply add black dots to your shirt and ta-da you’re a piece of paper), Dave – all you need is a name tag that says Dave and Facebook – simply grab an eyeliner and write book across your face!