THIS WEEK marks National Neighbour Day and just like getting along with Mrs Atkinson over the road, you need to try to be a good neighbour at work.

Check out our top tips below to ensure you keep your next-desk-neighbour sweet…

Avoid Disruption
To avoid disrupting people nearby, take your phone calls elsewhere. If it’s a personal call to your mobile then head out to the breakroom or if it’s a professional call to your desk phone then head out to the conference room.

Keep it Clean
Exhibit common courtesies and ensure you throw away your rubbish, clean up spills and take your lunch leftovers back to the kitchen. It’s all about ensuring you keep the work environment professional and pleasant to look at.

Unconscious Habits
We all do certain things that we are not aware of like chewing loudly or drumming the desktop which may cause a negative impact to your neighbours. Take inventory of things which may be disruptive and try not to do them.

Ask Permission
It’s amazing how much tension can develop by a simple thing like not asking permission to open a window or eating a sardine sandwich. People who might object your actions will opt not to do so if you ask in advance, so keep it sweet!

Use Headphones
If you like to take a break during lunch and catch up with your podcasts then ensure you always use headphones. If work doesn’t supply a pair then buy some – the price will be worth the benefit of workplace harmony.