WHETHER YOU want to see what the marketing department does or you have a secret interest in health and safety, why not do a job swap in your office?

By taking on a completely new role in the company for week you can build relationships, increase your knowledge and help develop your career.

Check out our top tips to get you going…

  • Create a list of goals of what you want to achieve – this can both act as a guide for you and will be helpful for your Manager when they create a work plan for you.
  • Try and get as much out of it as possible – don’t waste days trying to learn how to use new software or how to answer the phone correctly!
  • Be hungry to learn – while it may be challenging, it will also be worthwhile. Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question, let your curiosity go wild.
  • If your department normally gets bacon buns for a weekly catch-up meeting, then bring this with you – a new team will admire the different perspectives you bring.
  • Get to know your new team before you start – bond over a coffee before you start and you’ll instantly feel more comfortable. Besides, they’re not strangers, they’re your colleagues.