THIS WEEK marks International Day of Charity so why not bring the office together, learn more about local charities and help raise money? Check out our top ideas below…

Break out the blow-up mics and belt-out tunes for a good cause. Compete in teams or individuals with heads of departments rating each performance. Ask for a donation of £5 per song, well unless they are going to murder a Beyonce song then ask for a £10 donation!

Sports Day
This your chance to bond with your colleagues, get a bit of exercise and take a break from your desk. Get departments to go head-to-head and compete in a tug-of-war, beanbag throwing and of course the egg and spoon race. Charge £5 per entry to help raise money.

Raffle a Day off
Motivate your colleagues to donate by promising them a day off from work. Host a silent auction for the chance to win an extra day of annual leave and quickly watch the donations rise and rise – just make sure you check with HR that this is allowed first!