WHETHER YOUR clients are completely crazy or annoyingly normal, check out our top – socially distanced of course – ways to impress them and give your business a boost.

Go Karting  
If the battle between Hamilton and Verstappen at Silverstone got you going this weekend then why not treat potential clients to a few laps of go karting? Now is the time to inject some fuel into a corporate engine and show to clients that you can think strategically, work under pressure and as part of a team all while going crazy with champagne on the podium at the end!

Round of Golf
It’s a bit of a cliché but we all know business gets done on the golf course. Whether you’re the next Mcilroy or you don’t know the difference between a driver and a putter, a round of golf can help seal business deals in an informal environment. A few guidelines though – adhere to golf etiquette and most importantly – be careful once you get to the 19th hole (aka the bar.)

Night at the Flix
With blockbuster movies on hold, cinemas around the country are showing golden oldies and with tickets costing just a fiver, taking a group of clients to the cinema just got easier! Plus with social distancing in place you may get the whole screen to yourselves – just don’t say you’ll get the Tango Ice Blasts in unless you want to be down £1000!