WHETHER YOUR colleague keeps stealing your stapler or loves to talk at you all day about their latest rug, check out our top tips below on how to deal with difficult colleagues…

We’re All Human
We all have our off days and tricky times in life and this in turn may lead people to be less than lovely to their fellow colleagues. So maybe just a bit of time and patience is needed rather than a knee-jerk response to bad behaviour. Ask them how they are and if you can help, this in turn will help them realise you’re being supportive and see you as an ally rather than an adversary.

Be Upfront
Some people just have no self-awareness, with colleagues like this you simply need to tell them constructively what the problem is. For example, if a colleague is making pointed comments, take them to one side and ask them why. They’ll either say sorry as they didn’t realise it was a problem or they’ll make an excuse – either way they’ll know they’re in the wrong and hopefully won’t do it again.

Be Tolerant
Every team needs a mix of personalities – the pessimist who points out the flaws in the plan, the ideas person who challenges the status quo or the do-er who wants to get things going. Simply put, maybe your nemesis is someone whose approach is just a bit different from yours. Read up on neuro-linguistic programming to find out how to build rapport and influence the thinking of those with very different personalities.