FEELING COMFORTABLE at your desk is now as important as feeling comfortable at home, check out our top office hacks to get you through the workday…

Stop Food Thieves
If you have food thieves in your office who keep stealing your carefully prepared BLT then this mould adorned sandwich bag is a MUST! Topped with an authentic looking green splat, this is sure to put off those cheapskates.

Standing Desk
I’m sure you all know the negatives of sitting at your desk all day – it causes back pain and increases blood pressure. Research has shown that people who use a standing desk can decrease back problems by 54% so make the switch today!

Foot Hammock
If however, you can’t access a stand-up desk then an adjustable foot hammock is a great way to prop up and relax your feet. A higher position can be used for resting and a low position is needed to keep your feet in an ergonomicly friendly.

Rest Your Eyes
We all know overhead lights create a painful glare so keep the 20-20-20 rule in mind. Every 20 minutes you need to look at an object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This will help minimize eye strain and keep your eyes healthy.

A day at the office can take its toll on your look but rather than bringing your massive bag of make-up every day you can improvise with office supplies! Coffee filters will blot an oily face and a banana peel will keep your shoes shiny.