IF YOU’RE a fan of heavy metal but your colleague will only listen to dubstep then there’s going to be a problem when it comes to music in the office!

Music can make you feel more productive and help you focus on your workload. Studies have shown that those who listen to music have better ideas and finish tasks more quickly than those who don’t.

So let’s look at the genres of music and how they can help in the workplace – maybe you can save the tones of Disturbed for your commute.

Nature Music
Soothing sounds such as rainfall, rustling leaves and flowing water can boost mood and help you focus. The sounds of nature can enhance your concentration and overall help employee satisfaction. However, stay away from animal noises and bird calls as research has shown that this can be too distracting.

Video Game Soundtracks
Designed to enhance your experience, video game compositions are a great choice. They are made to blend into the background of your brain and help engage you in your task without distracting you from it. Our top recommendation is The Sims soundtrack and their Simlish language talk radio.

Ambient Soundtracks
Think of the mindless music that plays when you’re in a lift – it is as interesting as it is ignorable, and this kind of ambient music can help de-stress. Ambient music is made to keep your brain engaged at a lower subconscious level and allow your mind to roam therefore keeping you switched on.

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