IT’S SUNDAY night and as the theme tune to Antiques Roadshow rolls out you start to think about the work week ahead with dread.

However, there are many ways to beat the Monday blues and start the week on a positive note…

Treat Your Co-Worker
Whether it’s taking that pesky task away or grabbing them a coffee on the way in, studies show that helping and giving to others spikes feel-good neurochemicals in your brain and helps boost your mood.

Schedule Mid-Week Plans
If you have something to look forward to mid-week then it’s easier to overcome the Monday blues. Make plans for tea with a friend on Wednesday and you will have something get you over hump-day too!  

Get Dressed Up
We feel our best when we look our best so prepare a chic outfit the night before that makes you feel fun and fashionable. Dressing to impress will give you the confidence to help conquer the week ahead.

Repair & Prepare
Disconnect from work during the weekend to prepare for the following week. Instead of thinking of your to-do list during Sunday lunch, write it down before you leave on a Friday and forget about it until Monday.

Take A Class
Mondays are hard because you’re no longer doing things you like. Extend the weekend by going to a fun class after work – we’d recommend martial arts to get the anger out or creative writing to keep inspired.