I’M SURE we would prefer to call the sunnier climates of Italy our home away from home, but for most of us our home away from home is the office!

However, the grey walls, blue carpets and lack of finishing touches can make it feel like anything but cosy so check out our top tips to add a bit of home comfort to the workplace…

Decorate Your Desk
Add framed photographs, small mementos and crystals to help make your workplace seem like an extension of your home. You could even take your favourite photograph of your dog and bring it to Max Speilmann and have it printed on a mousepad to make your desk that extra bit special.

Add Foliage
A little bit of greenery can really liven up your desk and watering your plant will give you an excuse to stretch your legs. Check out our previous blog for our favourite low-maintenance plants (we especially love the bamboo palm which wards off evil spirits!) Make sure you get a cute plant pot to match your mementos.

Forget Fluorescent
Fluorescent lights are a killer and can make both the office and your face look tired! Adding a small lamp can help bring a warm inviting light to your desk and help you avoid eye strain. Plus, with a massive range of stunning lamps at B&M you can pick one for whatever your style – we especially love this funky pebble one.