Whether you want to tell everyone about a new service you offer or shout loud about a charitable initiative, you’re going to have to use PR.

Now, don’t be scared, PR isn’t just fancy brands using their high budgets to put a ‘sponsored promotion’ in the newspaper. Public relations is something all businesses can do to help spread the word about the great work they are doing.

Check our top tips to help you get noticed by the media…

Who are your targets?
You need to be completely clear about who you want to and need to reach. Who is it that you want to see your news story and buy into your products and services? Targeting a niche audience is better then taking a non-specific approach.

What newspapers and websites do they read? Who do they follow on social media? What podcasts do they listen too? Taking some time out to answer these questions enables you to focus your PR energy.

Target those targets
Press releases sent to general emails will often get side lined. If you have already done your research then you know who to target, find out which journalists cover small businesses or your sector and you’re already one step ahead.

Remember, an editor needs enough time to plan in your story so don’t leave it too late. If possible, try to pitch a story by phone as journalists will often give you a bit more time. Don’t forget to follow up after a few days if you don’t hear anything.

Have a good story
Whether you’re pitching an idea or writing a press release, a journalist is always looking for a good story or angle. Don’t offer something run-of-the-mill, try to offer something new, failing that try to offer a different angle on a typical story.

Aim for three key messages with a couple of interesting quotes and don’t try to cram too much information into your press release.

Remember, if you’re one of our tenants in Castlegate Business Centre, we can help you with your PR and marketing so just pop into our office and tell us what you want to achieve and we will try our best to help!