Whether it’s the latest office goss, your favourite subreddit or making a cuppa, we all get distracted at work and lose focus from the work we’re supposed to be doing!

If you ever find yourself wasting your day then check our tips on how to not get distracted at work…

Focus on important tasks
How effective do you think you focus will be if you have a list of 20 tasks that all need to be done in one day? NOT GOOD.

You can’t do all 20 tasks to the best of your ability, so you need to break it down to the essentials. Focus on 2-3 important tasks a day and perform them the very best you can. Doing it slowly is much better than giving up early.

Set small goals
Rather than setting a massive goal (which may take weeks and even months to accomplish) – break it down into smaller goals.

Set minimum goals, for example instead of setting a target of writing 500 words a day, set it as 50 words a day – that way once you push past them you’ll feel better. Setting small goals towards a bigger goal will improve your ability to stay focused on bigger tasks.

Skip what you don’t know
If you have hit a stumbling block, rather then focus on how hard it is it and getting yourself stressed, come back to it later. Focus your attention on what you CAN do instead of what you CAN’T.

Focus on the easy parts first and eventually you will come back to the more difficult – by then you will have built up enough momentum to power through and get it done!