WHETHER IT’S a catered business lunch, your colleague’s birthday party or quick meeting at Costa, it can be very challenging to eat healthy at work.

However, we have a whole host of top tips to help keep you fuelled and focused to ensure you don’t pop off to Greggs to pick up your third sausage roll of the day…

Meal Prep
Sadly, all those annoying Insta ‘Influencers’ are right – meal prepping is THE ONE.

Yes, it may take a few hours on a Sunday evening but trust us, it pays off as you will have plenty of nourishing meals to keep you going through the week.

Whether you make a huge batch of one or two meals, such as a stew or casserole, or you mix and match a pot of grains with your favourite sauces, this type of healthy batch cooking is key to keeping your health targets on track. Click here for a few our our favs.

Come 11am (even after a nutritious breakfast) we all turn into a Hobbit and are hankering after a second breakfast/elevenses.

However, instead of reaching out for that Blue Riband in your top drawer you need to ensure you have healthy snacks on hand to help satisfy your hunger during the day.

A few of our favourite and easy to whip-up snacks are: dips with vegetables, savoury muffins, dairy-free yogurt, baked apple chips, fruit leather (trust us they are tastier then they sound!), roasted chickpeas and grain-free fruit crumble.

Start A Lunch Club
Lighten your lunch load by teaming up with like-minded colleagues and you could eat a new home-cooked meal every day!

Simply, each day someone takes a turn in making lunch for everyone else. This is a fab way to experience homemade recipes with a lot less work. However, try to find colleagues with similar food interests – you don’t want a group that’s half-vegan and half-paleo.

Quick Tip – brainstorm what kind of lunches you’d all like to eat to ensure what you create will be liked by everyone and be open to feedback.