WE ALL do it, we think if we finish off this task then we can go out for lunch, only for another task to appear out of nowhere and working, yet again, through your unpaid lunch hour…

It’s been proven that we feel less stressed and can concentrate better when we enjoy a real break and purposefully detach from work.

We have come up with easy top-tips for you to use during your lunch to recharge and help power through the rest of your day.

Get out the office
While a full-on spin class may not be that feasible in your 30-minute lunch, come on nobody wants to sit next to somebody super sweaty, a gentle stroll is totally doable. Not only will it keep you healthy, it can also improve your mental state and boost brainpower.

Ditch the Gadgets
Easier said the done, but research shows that tech and information overload can make you less productive. During your next lunch, unplug and leave those devices at your desk. Why not meet a friend for a cuppa? Read a few chapters of a book or take up knitting!

Practice Mindfulness
Being mindful is all about being still and aware of the moment and a few minutes of meditation can reduce stress and improve creativity. Simply find a private spot, sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, focus on your breath and allow your mind to quiet itself.