FROM CLEANING the air to warding off evil spirits, studies have shown that having more greenery in the office can have major positive benefits for employees and businesses.

Check out our favourite low-light and little maintenance office plants below and how they can benefit you in the workplace.

Spider Plant
Purifying the air you breathe, this extremely low-maintenance plant thrives in partial light and shade meaning you won’t need to waste your valuable solitaire break time by watering and adjusting the plant.

Small in size, a cactus can fit almost anywhere and requiring next to no attention (just a little water here and there) cacti are the perfect office plant. Plus its spiky shell will warn visitors to step away from your pen pot!

Bamboo Palm
Providing a lush green environment to your office, the bamboo palm requires very little sunlight and only needs to be watered once a week. Bamboo palms even ward off evil spirits so maybe Angela from accounting will stop popping over every hour.

Gerbera Daisy
With its air filtering properties, the greeba daisy helps purify the air you breathe. Plus it comes in a wide range of colours so if you work in the creative department you could get a couple to match your business brand colour scheme.

Lemon Balm
Quite hardy and difficult to kill, the lemon balm gives off a wonderful scent that will add calm to almost any office space. It can also help boost your mood and make you feel better throughout the day.