IF YOU’RE sat down at your desk all day then you know how hard it is to factor health and wellbeing into your workday.

We’re here with plenty of top tips and easy-to-adopt ideas to get you inspired to stay well at work…

Break Time
Get up from your desk every hour and go for a quick walk – furthest toilets, the kitchen, a colleague’s desk. Just move!

Meet on the Move
Have a meeting or scheduled? Do it while you walk — not only good for fitness but helps manage stress and fires up creativity.

Treat lifts as the enemy.
Unless you work at the top of a 40-story building, consider the lift your enemy and always take the stairs.

Walk at lunch
Have an hour for lunch? Use half to eat, half to walk. Round up a few colleagues and make it a weekly date.

Organise your office.
Use your time filing to stand up and move around your office. Don’t roll your chair around your office to get to your filing cabinets.

Hit the water.
Get yourself a reusable water bottle and keep it on your desk. Make yourself drink at least one full bottle before lunch, and one full one before you go home.

Just say no!
This may be the hardest one… say, “No thanks,” to all the treats that get passed around the office: cakes, dounuts, biscuits. If you’re truly hungry, reach for the dried fruit and nuts.

What’s your top tip to stay healthy at work? Let us know!