THE FIRST of a series of free events hosted by Castlegate Shopping Centre saw business leaders join forces to consider positive change towards the economy, community and wellbeing within Stockton town centre.

A cross sector group of experts with a mutual interest in the long-term success of Stockton-on-Tees met and discussed the evolution and future of the high street last month.

Held at Castlegate Business Centre, the Last Thursday Business Brunch aims to build relations and share knowledge across a range of organisations and businesses.

Karen Eve, Centre Manager at Castlegate said: “It is reassuring to see that Stockton is on the map and very much in the mindset of the business community who are putting the town centre at the heart of their strategic plans in order to effect change. 

“We are providing a series of events offering businesses a chance to gain useful insights into how to adapt within a changing market place and we look forward to developing the programme for businesses in the area.

Charlie Kemp, Tees Valley Combined Authority, Culture Coordinator commented: “It’s great to be a part of exciting conversations about Stockton-on-Tees and the wider Tees Valley. To see large organisations come together to think creatively about the role of a town centre and the role they play in communities is inspiring.”

Gary Potts, Director of Business Engagement, Stockton Riverside College added: “We see our role as being a local college for local people and are thrilled to be involved in conversations around making Stockton work and how resource, creativity and investment can make the town centre a place for students to learn, live and work.”

Training and networking events across the year will address identified needs for local businesses including sessions on marketing, customer service, health & wellbeing and experiential retail.

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